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apache2, mod_autoindex, "missing" entries in auto index

I just discovered that apache2's auto index of a directory omits
subdirectories for which access is restricted.  Is there a way to
change this behavior?

Concrete example (apache 2.0.47-1):
    /var/www/Foo  contains directories Bar and Baz.
    /var/www/Foo/Bar contains a .htaccess which contains, in addition
                to the needed Auth* directives,
                    <Limit GET>require valid-user</Limit>
Browsing to http://localhost/Foo yields only Baz in the directory
listing.  However, if I also limit /Foo to the same account, then the
listing shows both directories.

What I want to have is a directory whose listing is publicly available
but the contents of the subdirectories are restricted to different
sets of users.


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