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Re: How to know correct hardware options for compiling 2.4.23 kernel

I followed all the links on that page, off that page into tldp.org (found many neat how-to's in there that I will be referencing as I'm attempting to get this kernel to do everything I want it to), but no information on the same level that would allow me to make smarter choices when configuring the new kernel. (Did find a page in german... for grins, I think I'll have my in-laws translate them:)

Thanks for the link, though; I see all kinds of useful information on that page, just nothing that I wanted right at the moment.

Command lspci just appears to fail:

pcilib: Cannot open /proc/bus/pci/20/00.0
lspci: Unable to read 64 bytees of configuration space.


Jerome BENOIT wrote:


J N wrote:

... I'm noticing that I appear to need to know more specific technical information than I currently have access to for my laptop: Dell Latitude CPI-A 366XT.

you can visit the site


to get usefull links and stuff

Can anyone point me to a FAQ that would tell me what kind of chipsets were in the machine (such as FLASH chipsets), or the type of IDE controller that was in use, etc?

the command `lspci' can give you usefull informations

I've read the online help, which would be most helpful if I knew what was under the hood...

Any help is appreciated.




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