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Re: Sneaking past firewalls: ssh on port 23 or 80?

On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 06:14:54PM -0500, Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:
> home->work).  However, my employer doesn't mind.  I use tunnelling
> just to bypass the technical limits of a single IP address and NAT.

Thanks, I was looking for at least one person to say "my employer 
doesn't mind."  Of course, they are trusting you, because you are in a 
controlled way blowing holes in the security perimeter.

Obviously from Matthew Joyce's response some people don't feel the same!

All I want to do is (1) listen to internet radio, if its blocked and (2) 
do my ordinary, noncriminal private things that everyone does at work 
anyway truly in private.

Why o why must I always end up in these mental gray areas!!!


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