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Re: How to know correct hardware options for compiling 2.4.23 kernel

On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 10:29:13AM -0600, J N wrote:
> Kenward:
> Did Dell have the information down to the chipsets that were used?
> I have yet to find that information... perhaps it's as simple as "all 
> the chipsets that were used at Dell were made at Dell", but I haven't 
> seen that statement made yet, so I didn't know for sure... For example, 
> the kernel setup program includes information about IDE drives (floppy 
> and CDROMs) that work through the parallel port, as the machine has, and 
> it mentions a few manufacturers of such solutions, but never Dell... 
> That makes me suspect that the Parallel port - IDE solution was not 
> manufactured by, but purchased by Dell for use in its laptops.  On the 
> other hand, it could be as simple as Dell's solution isn't mentioned 
> because it works without needing additional parallel port - IDE drivers...

Dell uses OEM materials just like other manufacturers.  They may take a
BIOS code and tweak it to up the specs on a given board, etc., but I
have never read about "Dell brand" major parts. 

I think you'll find nice, general stuff at their site about your
laptop.  I also expect that's about all you need, too.  I don't own a
laptop though, so I have no idea about how picky they can be.

I'm also not sure where you are in the process--is Debian installed and
you are trying to add on features (parallel IDE drive, as you seem to
imply)?  Or are you starting from scratch?  If the former, then you
need one of those drives, and the kernel module(s) to access the
feature.  I doubt there's much else to it (obviously someone else can
correct this notion).

> Perhaps I'm being too obsessive about this, but I figured it wouldn't 
> hurt to read any information that is already out there specific to 
> Latitudes and exactly what kind of hardware "makes them tick."

Not necessarilly obsessive--it isn't bad to know as much as possible
before trying to install on a box.  My guts tell me what you need to
know is going to be mostly generic, until you try to compile a
carefully optimized kernel.  Hopefully by that point the bootup
messages will tell you the rest of the information needed for such a

Has it been suggested that you try Knoppix or one of the other
Deb-based distros as a way to automatically detect some of these things
(as well as proof of installation concept)??

Any general Googling about Debian and Latitudes?  I think I've seen
threads here in the past about such beasts...


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