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Re: Grub problems

On Sun, 14 Dec 2003 12:27:04 -0600, Damon L. Chesser wrote:
> Not at all!  I will try something like that to be able to boot Debain.  
> As of now I have no way to boot the Debian install. since lilo did not 
> write to the drive.  In fact, the installer, might not have correctly 
> written (and formatted the partitions) the partitions since I have had 
> trouble mounting them in libranet.  I have not looked deeply into this 
> yet. 

It won't be possible to do it until you can boot into the system.  One way
to do that is with the installation cdrom.  First you need to know what
partition you put / on.  Let's say it was /dev/hda6 for example.  You boot
with the cdrom and at the boot: prompt, type: rescue root=/dev/hda6

That will cause the kernel on the cdrom to boot and give you /dev/hda6 as /. 
Then you can run '/sbin/lilo -u' to restore the mbr.  I'm assuming that you
are not using the same /boot partition for more than one distro.  In that
case, I'm not sure what you will have for the backup mbr, because you may
have one there from an earlier installation of something else. You could
look at the date on /boot/boot.0300.  If it is the same date as your debian
installation date, then it will be the one you want and /sbin/lilo -u will
replace it.

Once you are in Debian, you can make the lilo boot floppy.  If the mbr is
restored, you should be able to boot into your other distro - the one you
used to put grub in - and modify /boot/grub/menu.lst or whatever the config
file for grub is, and put Debian in it.  If you get that right, you should
be able to just boot Debian from the hard drive without the floppy.


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