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Re: don't have enough free space

Gruessle wrote:

This is my first post and help call :)

I just installed Debian
I did exit without installing any packages - had to install it 3 times and didn't want to risk another glitch while installing

Anyway the basic system seams to work now, but I have following problem

I ran tasksel from the shell prompt and selected one program but it exits with following error:

E: Sorry, you don't have enough free space in /var/cache/apt/archives to hold all packages.

I have 3 partions on my drive of a total 7.5 GB
Could it be that it only uses 2 partions?

How do I fix this?


Each partition holds a different segment of the system (assuming you've set up your box that way; otherwise you may have everything on one partition and nothing on the other two). What matters is the free space available on the partition where your /var/cache/apt/archives is. You might want to do a:
 df -h
and/or a
 df -h /var/cache/apt/archives
to see what's available where. If the "Avail" column is smaller than what you're trying to download, you'll have to do some tweaking.


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