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Re: Next On The Checklist - VNC

Thus spake Nunya (31210.nospam@comcast.net):

> On Sun, Dec 14, 2003 at 11:29:59AM -0800, Deryk Barker wrote:
> > 
> > True, but there is no preservation of the session. The original
> > developers of VNC (Olivetti UK) wanted this feature so that people
> > could disconnect their viewer at work, go home, reconnect and be
> > exactly where they had left off.
> Question: there is no way to disconnect an X Server from an X Client, 
> and later attach to a different one later? that'd be a neat trick

Not sure I quite understand your question. If you mean can you
disconnect the server from its client, while not using the client (via
a kill signal for instance) then I can find no way.

OTOH all the client has to do is shut down, the disconnection occurs
and the server patiently waits for a reconnect.

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