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Re: My Debian box can't connect Internet

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your advice.

- snip -

Before starting test as per your advice, following discoveries were
1) # pppoe	 
pppoe: Timeout waiting for PADO packets 
(pppoe  could not start.   It can be started at time of configuring
network card after installation of Debian 3.0) 
2) /etc/resolv.conf  could not be edited even as ROOT (the file can be
opened and its content can be edited.  But saving is impossible) 
# cat /etc/resolv.conf 
search domain.com\000 
# ls -l /etc/resolv.conf 
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root

> I told pppoeconf that I didn't want to start the network at boot. To start it anytime: Open an xterm, su to root. Then try this:
>   pon dsl-provider
> You can use the "plog" command to see what effect this had, or "ifconfig ppp0"

Debian box already automatically connects to ISP after booting 
(remark: dynamic IP) 
# ifconfig ppp0 
ppp0      Link encap:Point-to-Point Protocol 
          inet addr:  P-t-P: 
          RX packets:152 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0 
          TX packets:73 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0 
          collisions:0 txqueuelen:10 
          RX bytes:10109 (9.8 KiB)  TX bytes:1932 (1.8 KiB) 

> Similarly to kill the connection:
>   poff dsl-provider
# poff 
/usr/bin/poff: I could not find a pppd process for provider
''. None stopped. 


> > Hi Robert,
> > 
> > Thanks for your advice.
> > 
> > The Debian box is connected to broadband via a ADSL modem with dynamic
> > IP.  I ran  'pppoeconfig' to setup the connection.  Up to this point it
> > seemed without problem, ISP connected and confirmed with 'ifconfig'. 
> > But connection to Internet was blocked.  I searched around to find out
> > whether the gateway in the network card has entry which will mislead
> > looking to the gateway and could not find it.  '/etc/init.d/iptables
> > stop' reconfirmed firewall having not started (I have not configured
> > firewall yet).
> > 
> > I could not discover the cause of blocking connection to Internet.
> > 
> > B.R.
> > Stephne
> > 

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