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Re: Earthlink and Swen

On Thu, 11 Dec 2003 20:56:48 -0800, Ross Boylan wrote:

> Although filtering should "obviously" be done by service providers, it
> seems they have a lot of trouble getting it right.  Mail to me goes
> through two service providers (one of them is just a forwarder, and I
> only recently found out they were attempting to remove spam).  In both
> cases, I see non-trivial numbers of legitimate messages classified as
> spam and never delivered to me.  As you point out, they never even
> report anything about what's going on.   (The irascible gentleman
> whose post started this thread apparently believes individual viruses
> are being sanitized by earthlink and delivered to him, but no one else
> has suggested they are doing that.)
> Did earthlink send a notice of this change, or did they just do it?  I
> didn't know about it.  But then, I usually don't read their
> newsletters, where I suppose they might have mentioned it.  I used
> their webmail interface quite recently, and didn't see anything
> suggesting their filtering options had changed.

A couple of points of information:

- I didn't start the thread

- Irascible only when dealing with someone who doesn't check the facts

- Yet again you question my veracity: earthlink generally filters the
virus from an infected email and passes the remainder on;  however, in the
case of a legitimate-appearing message which can't be cleaned, it's placed
in a quarantine folder and the recipient is emailed.  Also, in the case of
a fake message, earthlink will delete it and email the recipient details
of the message, including the sender (in case someone you know is
unknowingly transmitting the virus.  You can easily find all this out for
yourself by reading the virus blocker help in the webmail interface.

- if you had checked, you would have found out that one gets virus
filtering from earthlink if one turns it on for one's account (in the
webmail preferences)

- if you don't read communications from earthlink, then no wonder you
don't know what's going on

- a gentleman only in the loosest definition of the word :)


"Do the little things" ("Gwnewch y pethau bychain")

St. David (Dewi Sant) of Wales, last sermon, Sunday 27th February 589

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