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Re: Firebird losing toolbar configuration after restart

I'm CC:ing this to the list, as there are smarter/more experienced people than I lurking there, and so that any info presented in this exchange might benefit others reading the list/archives.

Joseph Jones wrote:
Kent West wrote:

Joseph Jones wrote:

I installed Firebird 0.7. It worked fine for a good time, but now it's very very slow closing down tabs that have had pages in them, it's become progressively worse.


Try moving your profile directory out of the way and letting it be recreated.

Okay, after removing my profile directory, Firebird is no longer taking forever to close down used tabs, but it's doing something I had problems with when I first installed it. It solved itself last time, but it annoys me that I never knew what was really wrong and am now stuck with the same problem:

Whenever I restart Firebird, I lose any changes I've made to the toolbars, either the visibility of the toolbars themselves, or the arrangement of buttons on the toolbars. Additional information: on closing Firebird, Tabbrowser extensions is complaining because it can't save the current tab.

Is this Firebird a version you downloaded/installed from mozilla.org, or one you apt-getted from stable, or testing, or sid, or what?

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