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Firebird 0.7 being exceedinly slow closing tabs

I installed Firebird 0.7. It worked fine for a good time, but now it's very very slow closing down tabs that have had pages in them, it's become progressively worse. The same goes for shutting down the whole program if there are tabs that have had pages in them. Tabs that have had no pages opened in them at all it is fine with, but anything that's had a page opened takes a good few seconds to close, up to half a minute.

Would re-installing help at all? How would I go about this?

Any help that anyone can offer is apreciated :) Thankyou!


PS: Sorry if anybody's offended by me asking a Mozilla question over here, but I'm a bit loath to join the Mozilla mailing list considering how much mail I already get daily through this one ;)

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