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Re: Firebird losing toolbar configuration after restart

> >>> I installed Firebird 0.7. It worked fine for a good time, but now 
> >>> it's very very slow closing down tabs that have had pages in them, 
> >>> it's become progressively worse.

Just FYI, I've had similar problems with Gecko-based browsers
(mostly Galeon, because that's what I use), and here's what it
usually turns out to be:

If something interferes with the program writing its preferences files,
they will not necessarily be saved in a safe format.  E.g., if the disk
drive fills up, the prefs.js file may well end in the middle of a 
statement.  Even after you resolve the original problem, the file
will remain messed up like this.  I think the occasional segfault
can do this too.  Given that browsers are exposed to a rather
hostile environment and may be your heaviest used application,
this sort of thing tends to happen a lot, and the damage can

This causes syntax errors on read-back, and the program can't
cope with it.  The result is a series of weird failures -- password fill-in
broke once, and I think you can also run into slow downs as the
code gets lost in trying to recover from errors, etc.

You  may (but not always) get an error message if you run the
program from a terminal command line instead of launching
from the menu as you probably do normally.

Anyway, the fix is to look for such corrupted files.  Every line of
Javascript should end in a ";" -- if the last line in the file doesn't,
just delete the whole line, and try to restart.  Javascript files
are ".js" in the program's preferences directory.  You don't
have to understand the actual code to fix this, usually.  The
program can apparently recover from that point.

This usually works for me. It probably isn't the only thing that
can go wrong, and it may have nothing to do with your
problem, but it's the most common problem I've had with
them.  The trick is, the symptoms may not always be the
same (probably depends on exactly where the problem
is in the preferences files and which files are affected).


Terry Hancock ( hancock at anansispaceworks.com )
Anansi Spaceworks  http://www.anansispaceworks.com

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