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Re: Can't connect with my new ADSL

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From: "Anthony Campbell" <ac@acampbell.org.uk>
To: <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 11:31 PM
Subject: Re: Can't connect with my new ADSL

> On 10 Dec 2003, Antony Gelberg wrote:
> > Please reply to the list in future.  You type in where
> > would usually type the website name.  (Website names generally can be
> > exchanged for IP addresses, if you know the address.)
> >
> > A
> I tried this but no luck. The support people suggested installing dhcp,
> which I have done, and also tried:
>    /sbin/ifconfig eth0 netmask
>    and
>     /sbin/route add default gw
> (suggestions from uklinux support).
> But still nothing much seems to happen. I still couldn't connect via the
> browser.

I hope you didn't install dhcpd (i.e. the dhcp server)?  AFAIK, in order to
act as a DHCP client, Debian needs no additional packages installed.

If you set up /etc/network/interfaces correctly, it should do the above
steps for you (with reference to the /sbin commands).  man interfaces for
details.  You want the router to act as a DHCP server, so you don't need to
assign an IP address to your machine.  After doing that, can you ping  That's the first thing to try, before trying any fancy browser
stuff.  Perhaps you could post output of ifconfig?

Infact, after re-reading what "technical support" told you, it's a load of
crap.  If the router's default address is, then _that_ should be
your gateway and your PC should be something else (say  But
anyway, forget the above, concentrate on /etc/network/interfaces.  DHCP
means not needing to worry about IP addresses as much.


PS Having seen your website, my "fee" for this advice would be your
recommendation on the best way to help my neck, shoulders, and back, which
are usually stiff and in pain from years of bad PC posture.  I've had
physio, but it only treats the symptoms.  Is Pilates any good?  <grin>

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