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Re: Limiting daemons' RSS

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 10:12:33AM -0600, Lucas Bergman wrote:
> Brian McGroarty <brian@mcgroarty.net> writes:
> > bash's inbuilt ulimit command doesn't seem to include an RSS option,
> > so I'm not sure I can run that before each daemon to force the
> > resident set size.
> RSS stands for "resident set size."  That in mind, quoting bash(1):
>    ulimit [-SHacdflmnpstuv [limit]]
>         [ ... ]
>         -m     The maximum resident set size
>         [ ... ]

Thanks. The label as listed by "ulimit -a" is more ambiguous; I had
misunderstood "maximum memory size" to be akin to "max address space"
in limits.conf.

Replacing the apache daemon with a shell script running ulimit -m
before launching apache proper seems to be doing the trick. I'm
spidering the server, and the dynamic pages are serving much more
slowly, but the rest of the server apps are completely responsive.

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