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Re: Debian ZOPE default user & passward

Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:

On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 02:17:45AM -0600, John Foster wrote:
| I have been going over all of the docs to no avail Yet!! If someone | knows what the first login user & the passward for an out of the box | debian version install of ZOPE (sid) is please advise.Seems strange that | this info would not be in the readme.deb.txt or some such.

Depending on which version of the package you installed, I would
expect one of the following to be true :

   1)  The installation told you to run 'zope-zpasswd' to create the

   2)  The installation contains a bug and no account was created,
       but you can still create it manually.  (this should have been
       fixed a while ago)

   3)  The installation prompted you, via debconf, for the username
       and password and set it up as you specified.

One solution is to run zope-zpasswd and (re)create the initial
"emergency" user account.

Alternatively, look in /var/lib/zope/instance/default.  There should
be a file named 'access'.  If it doesn't exist, create it with
onwership root:root, permissions 644.  With an editor, type
'user:pass' in the file.  (the password does not have to be in
cleartext; the zpasswd utility gives a couple different options for


Well I used kpackage to install it and it did not ask anything during the install so I guess there is a bug. The install did not create the 'access' file so I followed you instructions and all is well & working . I have not tried to use zope before so I really appreciate the tip. This set of instructions should be included if they do not get the bug fixed soon.

John Foster

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