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Re: ye olde upgrade vs. dist-upgrade

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 08:23:25PM -0800, Marc Wilson wrote:
> You're not wondering the same thing as me... I know perfectly well what the
> two targets do.  It's Bill Moseley who's doing the wondering.
> > I always do dist-upgrade also.  Since I also always use -u, I'm not
> > worried about its removing or installing things I don't want...
> Uh, no, all that does is show you what it's going to do without actually
> *doing* it.  It has nothing to do with what you're *allowing* it to do.
> Assuming it shows you that it intends to remove a package, or install a new
> one... what are you going to do then?  Are you going to still turn it
> loose, or are you going to investigate why?

Odd.  I though it was -s that shows you what to it's going to do without
actually *doing* it.  Man, I really do have a hard time reading the man
pages after all! ;)

-u enables APT::Get::Show-Upgraded to true which lists what packages are
going to be updated, but, IIRC, APT::Get::Show-Upgraded is true by

Back to my Original Question:

Man, do I have bad luck.  Seems like lately I post a simple question, 
but it's too simple and left open to interpretation, someone answers the 
wrong question and then the thread goes off in some other direction and 
I never get my answer. ;)

I guess email is that way.  If I had asked that question in person 
someone would have responded "can you rephrase your question?"

So I'll rephrase it one more time:

Yes, I understand the difference between update and dist-upgrade as the 
manual describes it and as it's be re-quoted here a few times.

My question is if sources.list specifies "woody" instead of "stable" so 
dist-upgrade will not someday upgrade to sarge" and since a "stable" 
distribution should not change dependencies, IS there a difference 
between using "upgrade" vs. "dist-upgrade" in that case?

I don't see that there is a difference.

Now, regarding a system running Sid:

I've always used dist-upgrade.  IIRC, I have had problems in the past 
just using "upgrade" with broken dependencies.  I also (IIRC) have seen 
posts here about not using "upgrade" in Sid.  But reading the manual it 
seems like "upgrade" should be fine, but more and more packages will be 
left out of the upgrade due to changing dependencies that happen in Sid.

Are there other potential problems that "upgrade" can cause on Sid that 
I'm not seeing?

Bill Moseley

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