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Re: I'm face Few problem , need suggestion

Tom Allison wrote:

> I think before you start parroting the same thing
1,000's before you 
> have griped about I would like to at least present
some of my personal 
> findings in the last 4 months.

Not 1000's times, but many times, yes. hee hee
Facts: 1) I am griping about Woody installer.
2) Haven't seen sarge installer -- didn't know it was
3) I am NOT griping about a GUI in the installer(in
the sense that you 
seems to have understood, that is why you gave the
Windoze example 
below). I am griping about a better UI though, I
wouldn't mind even an 
ncurses based one which is "easy" and "intuitive".

If sarge installer is an improvement, Great!!

> I have been trying to work with the installation
process of SuSE 8.2 and 
> RedHat 9.0.  Mostly SuSE8.2.

<snipped a bunch of un-necessary examples here>

> I will solidly admit that the SuSE GUI installer
looks pretty.
> But you don't really give a rip about looks if it
takes longer or has 
> other problems.  If that's how you really  feal
about it the either 
> reconsider Windows (very pretty), design your own
front end for Debian, 
> or check out the other distributions (Knoppix and
Libranet) if you must. 

Your premise in all the above arguments is that I am
demanding a 
*Graphical* UI _only_. Wrong. See the facts above.

>  But I really was very impressed with the
performance that I experienced 
> on the pre-released nightly build of the
sarge-installer. The potential 
> is there to have a really great installer far better
than the commercial 
> distributions.
> It's a great advance and some really great work.

This must be great then. I will try as soon it is
released in Sarge.


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