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Re: I'm face Few problem , need suggestion

H. S. wrote:
Satyajit Das wrote:

Dear list,

Just today I entire this world and also in Linux world.

By "this world" I would assume the newsgroup world and *this* world in general :))

welcome to Linux world!

I'm single user.
I collect Debian 3.0 beta , total 8 CD's .
After struggle 4 days("dselect" very difficult for newbies) I installed Debian.

Oh boy. I can understand that. I went through the same thing myself a few weeks ago. But then I was not new to the world of Linux so it didn't take me 4 days :) But I agree, the installation routine of Debian is hideous. Delusions of grandeur must be over and the routine *must* be vastly improved and made easier if Debian want to live up to people's expectations.

I think before you start parroting the same thing 1,000's before you have griped about I would like to at least present some of my personal findings in the last 4 months.

I have been trying to work with the installation process of SuSE 8.2 and RedHat 9.0. Mostly SuSE8.2.

My impression is that it is very GUI oriented.
It is also easy to miss something that might otherwise be important. Especially if you have hardware that isn't auto-detected by their installation process. If you miss it, it's very hard to fix it.

As for installations, SuSE was pretty quick (45-60 minutes) to get started and then another 3 hours on rpm unpacking.

After that things go downhill fast. Configuring SuSE to your *specific and unique* needs is very difficult. If you configure to their expectations you will not be too disappointed. But there are shortcomings.

As for Debian.

Check out the new sarge installer.  I was amazed!!!
The entire installation process to about 10 minutes following by hours of deb package download and install.

Using the sarge installer in it's default configuration I was able to get all my hardware detected and working with the exception of ide-scsi for my cd-burner. I considered it trivial and didn't look into it at the time.

Using the sarge installer in it's network install configuration never worked, but then again it's not released.

The sarge installer is not "GUI" in the sense that you expect it to be. It's so damn effecient, fast, effective, and to-the-point that a GUI would actually be a stumbling block because it would uneccesarily tie up resources drawing pretty pictures when it should be installing ASAP.

I will solidly admit that the SuSE GUI installer looks pretty.
But you don't really give a rip about looks if it takes longer or has other problems. If that's how you really feal about it the either reconsider Windows (very pretty), design your own front end for Debian, or check out the other distributions (Knoppix and Libranet) if you must. But I really was very impressed with the performance that I experienced on the pre-released nightly build of the sarge-installer. The potential is there to have a really great installer far better than the commercial distributions.

It's a great advance and some really great work.

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