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Re: I'm face Few problem , need suggestion

Thanasis Kinias wrote:
> scripsit H. S.:

> I'm a bit perplexed here -- are you arguing that the
Sarge installer is

Haven't seen it. I just started using Debian by
downloading Woody. And 
then dist-upgraded to Sarge. Never seen Sarge
installer. If it is out, 
then I have missed it.

> so much in need of improvement?  I've not used it
yet, but it sure
> sounds like it addresses all the legitimate gripes
about bootfloppies.
> In what way is the new installer inadequate?
> If not, if you're arguing about the Woody installer,
then methinks


> you're arguing against a strawman -- its
deficiencies have been
> recognized and are in the process of being
corrected.  This, as I
> understand, is a big part of why we don't have a
Sarge release yet.

Oh Yippeee!!!
I would be *so* happy to see an improved installer,
honest. NB: I am not 
against Debian. But I was kind of pissed off when I
noticed that there 
are Debian users to pride themselves in using the
difficult installer which *can* be improved -- even to
extent of 
advocating that a new improved installer is NOT
needed, that the present 
need *not* be improved!

Thanks for the info though. I am really glad to hear
that an improved 
installer is on its way, actually can't wait to try it
out :)

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