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Re: I'm face Few problem , need suggestion

H. S. wrote:
Tom Allison wrote:

I think before you start parroting the same thing

1,000's before you
have griped about I would like to at least present

some of my personal
findings in the last 4 months.

Not 1000's times, but many times, yes. hee hee
Facts: 1) I am griping about Woody installer.
2) Haven't seen sarge installer -- didn't know it was
3) I am NOT griping about a GUI in the installer(in
the sense that you seems to have understood, that is why you gave the Windoze example below). I am griping about a better UI though, I wouldn't mind even an ncurses based one which is "easy" and "intuitive".

If sarge installer is an improvement, Great!!

Sorry, I just assumed you mean GUI. There are a lot of threads on that one around here.

The sarge installer is not "released" yet, but it is available as some level of test/alpha/beta package for you to try out if you want it.

It's not ready for prime time, but it's getting there.

But I do want to give that development team some publicity here in that I think they've got something really cool.

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