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Re: Improved Debian Project Emergency Communications

On Sun, 30 Nov 2003 at 03:22 GMT, John Hasler penned:
> Monique wrote:
>> The difference is that, by allowing replies to accumulate and reading
>> them filtered to +3, you have a decent chance of finding out when a
>> submission was likely off-base.
> That's what I meant by corrections.  Whenever Slashdot screws up I can
> be fairly certain that several of its thousands of knowledgeable
> readers will gleefully point out the error.

Agreed.  But I wanted to be clear, both to you and to everyone else,
that slashdot's front page is *not* in any way guaranteed to be
accurate.  Taking any of their blurbs at face value tends to make an ass
out of you ...

> It is my experience that the more I know about a subject the more
> errors I see in news about that subject.  From this I conclude that
> news reporting on any given subject is no more accurate than reporting
> on those subjects about which I know the most.  And that's pretty damn
> inaccurate.

Ditto, and yeah, scary.


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