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Re: Information please!

On Sat, Nov 22, 2003 at 11:59:38AM -0500, 16533406@bellsouth.net wrote:
>     I have always wanted to know if UNIX/LINUX is for me, and eventually 
> replace my windows OS.  I want, very much, to install it on my old system 
> to give it a real feel/try...I have been told that DEBIAN has releases for 
> "older" UNIX/LINUX OS's [as well as the Pentium machines]. What is it?  My 
> old system does not have a CD on it...can I still put a release on it?  I 
> can copy files to [3 1/2"] diskettes from my CD on my big system?  Where 
> can I get a "disk" [3 1/2"] version of the software?  Thanks for helping me 
> to get started!

The easiest way to give it a try is to simply get a knoppix cd and
boot it; you'll be looking at a fully functional KDE/linux desktop.
Then you'll know where you want to go from there.


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