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OT: Flatbed scanner recommendation?

Dear all,

Well, I guess many of you have been through this, so allthough it may be 
somewhat OT, I hope it can be enlightening.

My father needs a new flatbed scanner, something in the NOK 800 range 
(that's about USD or Euro 110). 

He has a workstation running Woody with some backports, so obviously, it 
has to work well with Debian. I've told him he needs to be a conscious 
consumer and stay away from the companies that have objectionable 

I'd like to buy from a company that openly supports free software, who 
has at least assisted driver developers, resisted any DRM, and are 
known to be friendly.

I'm aware of the list at 
but that doesn't say anything about company policies. Something like the 
linuxprinting.org's Vendor Scorecard would be great (allthough that is 
also lacking. For example, Lexmark would be out of the question on the 
printer side with their DMCA lawsuit).

Anybody here have any recommendations?

He's been looking at a Canon, how's their history?


Kjetil Kjernsmo
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