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Re: Asus A7N8X Deluxe and Debian?

On 19 Nov 2003 at 10:37, Scarletdown wrote:

> On 19 Nov 2003 at 9:48, Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> > Not only that, this is what it says in the release notes:
> >
> > At the current time, the nForce drivers require a 2.4 series kernel.
> >
> > Frm the screen shot, it looks like a 2.2.20 kernel.
> >
> Well, I downloaded everything from here:
> http://debian.oregonstate.edu/debian-cdimage/images/current/i386/

I have performed a fresh clean reinstall, and am now set up with 2.4.18

Yet despite the updated kernel, I'm still getting errors when I try to install the nVidia drivers.

Here are the error messages this time:

In file included from:  nvnet.h:20, nvnet.c:21:

linux/modversions.h: No such file or directory.

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