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RE: Enterprise Hardware support


Did you find anything as doc's and howto's related to debian and Compaq
Servers (DL380 G3 and DL580 G3, Compaq Storage..... ?

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On (19/11/03 14:22), Pedro Miguel Ruivo (TRQV-DSI) wrote:
> just a couple of questions.
> i'm looking for a Linux distro to install on Compaq DL380 and DL360 G3
> Servers.
> I'm relatively confortable with Debian but can't find any support on the
> of hardware manufacturers for Debian.
> - Where can i find some support (ML's, sites,....) about Debian and Compaq
> Servers ?
> - As anyone experienced this kind of difficulty ? what was the solution ?
> changed distro to Red Hat ? choose different hardware ?
I have installed Debian on three HP servers and found little on the
manufacturer's site to help but succeeded without too
many problems - in fact the main problem I encountered was a dodgy
ethernet card.

I've found that google and debian-user list provide good support ;)


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