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RE: Enterprise Hardware support

Thanks for the alert, however i have twenty five servers from Compaq (only 4
are from the new HPAC) and fortunately haven't had that kind of experience.
Actually everything was very well until the merger.

As far as my experience goes Compaq as always been 5 stars HP half star.

The fact is that if i wan't to get linux inside the enterprise i'll need
support for that hardware, either we like Red Hat or not the fact is that it
provides it or is provided with that support.

I use debian in very small companies and only as gateways, firewall, mail
relay and proxy server.

This time it's different it's an application server in a big company, an
insurance company, which is attache to an even bigger bank.

If Debian get's success in such an environement it will be broadly used.

That is my intention, to use Debian where usually only ES/9000 an the new
Zseries mainframes, AS/400 mid-range, and (yyyaaack) Windows 2000 and MS SQL
Server are allowed.

Any suggestions ? or should i start booting with the Win2000 cd ?

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Assunto: Re: Enterprise Hardware support

hi ya pedro

On Wed, 19 Nov 2003, Pedro Miguel Ruivo (TRQV-DSI) wrote:

> Hi,
> just a couple of questions.
> i'm looking for a Linux distro to install on Compaq DL380 and DL360 G3
> Servers.
> I'm relatively confortable with Debian but can't find any support on the
> of hardware manufacturers for Debian.
> - Where can i find some support (ML's, sites,....) about Debian and Compaq
> Servers ?
> - As anyone experienced this kind of difficulty ? what was the solution ?
> changed distro to Red Hat ? choose different hardware ?

what kind of "enterprise support" ??

- i dont know if compaq(hp), dell, gateway, hundreds-of-resellers have
  a specific "debian" support

- i think the hardware support that you care about, is sorta limited to:
	- does debian recognize the nic chipset
	- does debian recognize the svga chipset
	- does debian recognize the ide chipset

	and since your comfy with debian, you dont need to worry about
	driver support

- hardware support might want..
	- dell/compaq has a 2-hr turn around on any part replacements
		- and you pay an arm and leg for "parts replacement"

		- and if they send you the wrong parts... they dont care
		that you paid for 2hr turnaround that took 2 days to
		get the box back up and online again

	- i dont kow if they are any good at it ... 
	  they all failed the disk fail (replacement) simulation tests
	- have spare parts on your shelf if you are worried about
	replacement parts 

	- have a spare server if you are worried about getting back online
	asap ... when the main server died for whatever reason

- original (cpu/disk/pc-cards) manufacturers warranty numbers


	- "3 yr warranty" usually means you ship the bad part back to the
	manufacturer AFTER you get an rma#, and wait 4-6 weeks for a
	replacement part

- backup your data ... to 3 different places ... daily, weekly, monthly
  and evenly spread out amongs the 3 backup servers
	and test that it works, restore a full working server from bare
		main: ls -laR /  > /tmp/main.lst
		restored#  ls -laR / > /tmp/restored.lst

		diff  /tmp/main.lst /tmp/restored.lst

		exclude /proc and some /dev/xxxx and some other stuff 

- now you can sleep ..

c ya

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