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Re: OT: Where Best to Express My Rage at M$

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Thomas H. George wrote:

> I plan to send copies of the body of this message to the presidents of
> Systemax and Tiger Direct, my senators, my congressmen and any one else
> who might have influence.  I am postint it here for suggestions for
> addresses.  The body is as follows:
> I am enraged by the manipulations of Microsoft Corp which may force me
> to pay for something I already own.
> Several years ago I puchased a Systemax computer from Tiger Direct which
> came with Microsoft Windows ME pre-loaded and accompanied by a Systemax
> Recovery CD (not a set of installation CD's for Windows ME).  My
> understanding was that I had purchased a single computer license for
> Windows ME which the recovery disk would allow me to reinstall after the
> ubiquitous Windows crashes.  Use of the recovery disk is awkward but
> this was not of great concern as I make only limited use of Windows.

This is your first wrong asumption, from what I know. You do not get a
'full licenced version' of Windows with 99% of PC's. I have also heard
that you actually purchase a 'hw/sw bundle' where the SW/HW are under
one license from the OEM. And thus, it is not a transferable OS license.

> Wishing to be able to backup data to DVD+RW disks, I recently removed
> the originial motherboard and cpu and installed a new motherboard and
> cpu which support USB 2.  The Systemax Recovery Disk was keyed to the
> mother board and/or cpu and will no longer work.

See above. It is within their rights to make bad/stupid agreements.

 *This is clearly a
> devising of Microsoft Corp to insure that I do not violate the license
> agreement by installing the Windows ME operating system on more than one
> computer.    I HAVE NOT VIOLATED THE CONTRACT!  I stilll have the
> original motherboard and cpu which were operable when I removed them and
> presumably are still operable if they were reinstalled but they sit
> unused in a box in my closet.
> *The solution would seem to be straightforward: Contact Systemax and
> obtain a new recovery disk agreeing to destroy the old motherboard/cpu.
>  An email to Systemax tech support elicited the response that, as the
> computer was more than 90 days out of warranty,  I would have to use
> Systemax's telephone support at $40 per 30 minutes.  So pay Systemax and
> maybe get a new recovery disk or pay Microsoft for a new operating
> system - either way I pay extra for something I already have the right
> to use.
> This is particularly aggrevating as I don't need or use most of the
> Windows ME features much less any newer Microsoft  operating system.  I
> use the Windows ME operating system for only three tasks:  To run a
> Windows only scanner,

Hmm, there are many scanner supported under the SANE project. Have you
checked that out?

to run the excellent Sound Forge music editing
> software,

There are sound apps but I dont know if they are similar to SF. checkout
gramaphone (sp?), ardour...

and to play E-Bridge with an old partner living in Cleveland.

This one might work under 'Wine'. Have you tried or checked into this?

>   When the scanner fails, comparable alternate music edit software is
> available and my 84 year old partner can no longer play E-Bridge I wont
> need a Windows operating system at all.
Can you taste the freedom!

>  For most of my computing activities - email, wordprocessing,
> spreadsheets, programming in C, C++ and Python, graphics, downloading
> and editing pictures from my digital camera, burning CD's (I have an
> extensive set of LP's which I am gradually converting to CD's for my own
> use with the Sound Forge software) and any other odd tasks I use Debian
> Linux.   I do this not just because its free - though, as I am 74 years
> old and retired on a fixed income, cost is a factor - but primarily
> because Debian Linux  operating systems and program packages are stable
> and customizable to an extent unknown in the Microsoft world.
> The bottom line: I feel cheated by Microsoft's manipulations to enforce
> provisions that I never intended to violate and by Systemax's complicity
> in this scheme.
> Thomas H. George
> 114 Twin Creek Lane
> Kennett Square, PA 19348

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