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Re: Connection refused.. / Could not connect

did you miss my reply to your post?

I still think this is probaly a trivial problem for someone familiar with 
network issues and or Linux, but as a newbie I really don't know what coud be 
causing this.


On Tuesday 18 November 2003 11:21, Thomas Gebhardt wrote:
> Hi,
> > I'm getting a Connection refused error (Mozilla 1.5, Firebird 0.6.1,
> > Konquerer 3.1.3, Lynx...) when trying to accesss some sites from my
> > testing/unstable box, for example http://www.simpleware.co.uk/.
> >
> > I assume it might be some network protocol problem because I have no
> > problem connecting from Win with the same box.  Any suggestions?
> Some information required in order to narrow down the problem:
> * network connectivity is ok for other sites, eg. http://www.debian.org  ?
> * output of "traceroute http://www.simpleware.co.uk";
> * output of "route -n"  (as root)
> * "wget http://www.simpleware.co.uk/";  working?
> * local firewall installed ("iptables -L")
> It seems that http://www.simpleware.co.uk/ is firewalled and does
> not reply to an icmp echo request, i.e. ping does not work. Maybe
> this is a hint.
> Cheers, Thomas

Dr.-Ing. C. Hurschler
Bodenstedtstr. 13
30173 Hannover

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