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Re: Moved on.......

On Friday 14 November 2003 2:48 pm, Jeffrey W. Pearson wrote:

> Ive figured out how I broke my apt install and fixed it. Ive
> installed MySQL, and php4 and php4-mysql. Im running the stable
> version of the Debian.....One thing I notice is they are all old
> versions but when I run the apt-update it tells me they are all up to
> date.....How do I get them upgraded to the latest versions? (php
> 4.3.4 and mysql 4.0.16).....

You don't understand - once debian becomes "stable", no changes other 
than security fixes go into the branch, so the software stays the same 
until the next "testing" goes "stable".

It is pretty near impossible for any distribution to take on the 
responsibility of tracking a package and keeping it up to date all the 
time, this would break things continuously.

So ...

1. You can still download your vanilla sources and compile them for the 
programs you want to track that badly (and use equivs to tell debian 
about them)

2. You can roll your own debian packages (not worth it unless you are 
packaging for amny machines)

3. You can learn to live with the old versions, most of the time it 
isn't that important.  You will learn to appreciate the benefits of a 
stable system more :-).

4. You can use backports, but you would be wise to remove them before 

5. You can run sid, but I would become very familiar with the debian 
system before doing that.

Personally, I have one unstable system and my server is tracking woody.  
There are a few packages I grabbed from testing (exiscan for example) 
and a few a grab from backports.org (spamassassin for one).  Everything 
else I leave at the old version. 

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