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Re: Debian for enterprise

On Fri, 14 Nov 2003 12:15:18 -0700,
Paul E Condon wrote:


> Red Hat is abandoning its old business model because that model
> wasn't working for its investors. You (and everyone else) can
> expect other distributions that have a business model basis to
> also fail for the same reasons.  Whatever those reasons are,
> they were not peculiar to Red Hat.  If you want to avoid going
> through the transition from one distribution to another, again,
> you should choose a community based distribution this time.  By
> doing so, you avoid the inevitable 'churn' in the business
> marketplace.
> Which community based distribution should you choose? I suggest
> you consider one to which your firm(s) feel(s) confortable
> making a contribution. I hope you will select Debian.

I have the distinct impression that Fedora is a community-based
distribution, the relationship with Redhat being somewhat like
that between Sun and OpenOffice.  By contributing the greatest
chunk of developer resources, Red Hat gets to direct the
developement process to what it wants (most probably, what its
flagship Enterprise product needs).  It gets some free developer
time (via the GPL), constant user feedback and free advertising
(in terms of community good will).

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