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Re: freelance sysadmining -- friends

hi ya

On Wed, 12 Nov 2003, Ron Johnson wrote:

> Smaller.  Friends of friends, etc.  Build up a reputation before
> expanding.

friends can be across the other side of the country too :-0
( couldn't resist :-)
> You'll be going on-site much more than you think, if you want to
> keep your customers happy.

thats the problem, and you have to go onsite to fix the problem
cause ti couldnt get fixed remotely, and you happen to be
at a "have to be there" wedding out of town ... 
	and if they are your friends, they probably be at
	the wedding too so it wont be an issue

	onsite problems will be at the wrong time :-)

> Anything with a GUI requires more on-site maintenance.  They can't
> just tell you what they typed.  Buttons, windows, tabs, icons all
> make for a big PITA.  Text UIs are a lot simpler.

i avoid people that use gui's for precisely that reason ..
	client: i didn't change nothing... 

	me-annoyed: than why is it broken when it used to work ??
		- use find to see what all changed ... yupp.. its changed

	( i'll fix it one last time ... for free... 
	( i sometimes chattr +i that-file after i see that
	( they know its working again and is happy

	after that... they can click away .. all they like
	( on purpose to learn or to play around or unknowingly )

> Get a durable car and keep in washed/waxed.

i made that mistake many times .... didnt wash it for months ...
	- wash your car after each ski trip for example

	- and throw out all those newspapers, magazines, etc,etc

>  Pull out your piercings,
> hide your tatoos.  *Blouses* should be tucked into *slacks* or
> *skirts*[1].

you forgot the tie ..
you forgot dont use white sox with black shoes/pants :-)

dont use shirt/tie w/ jeans ( even if its 501s etc ) 
dont use $100 sneakers/air-jordons w/ tie
.. on and on ..  

brush your teeth and use listerine too :-)
	( i hate it when the customers bend over your shoulders
	( and you can smell the garlic/onion or worst

its fun when the other client dresses the same .. :-0
	- hey dude, i prefer shorts-tshirt, i'm gonna come like
	this from now on... if the suits are in town, tell me ahead of

>  In other words, look respectable "out there", even if 
> you put on the mid-riff t-shirt and low-rider jeans, and re-insert
> the piercings as soon as you get home.

but if one goes out of one's box... things/attitude/personality changes ??

> [1] if there is a paucity of females at the office/shop you are
> going to, consider shortening your skirt.  It's a very effective
> sales tool.

bad dude !!! - i'm not gonna say that ... you can guess what BBBBB means

a better tool is is she knows her stuff inside and out ...
> > About the credit card machine-- my mom closed her business, but she's kept
> > the machine.  So she says she could transfer it to my business.
> Don't be discouraged, just don't do any work for family or friends!
> (If they don't pay, or think you did a lousy job, feeling could
> get hurt, and it would make for a very unhappy Thanksgiving, etc.

yuppers... and w/  turkey coming around the corner... 

now's a good time to say yoou're doing pc tech support work
and see how many free turkey dinners you get
vs charging them $$$ for support help

and dont bring un-invited guests or extra helpers just because
they are cooking food for your computer help :-)

c ya

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