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Re: freelance sysadmining -- superlong -- [WAS: "Red Hat recommends Windows for consumers"]

On Wed, 2003-11-12 at 22:58, Vikki Roemer wrote:
> Yikes.  I'm starting to think the FooAdmin part of Foosoft is a bad idea...
> :(
> Now that you have thoroughly discouraged me from remote sysadmining, how
> about if I start small and locally with home users within a certain radius
> (50 miles?)?

Smaller.  Friends of friends, etc.  Build up a reputation before

You'll be going on-site much more than you think, if you want to
keep your customers happy.

Anything with a GUI requires more on-site maintenance.  They can't
just tell you what they typed.  Buttons, windows, tabs, icons all
make for a big PITA.  Text UIs are a lot simpler.

Get a durable car and keep in washed/waxed.  Pull out your piercings,
hide your tatoos.  *Blouses* should be tucked into *slacks* or
*skirts*[1].  In other words, look respectable "out there", even if 
you put on the mid-riff t-shirt and low-rider jeans, and re-insert
the piercings as soon as you get home.
[1] if there is a paucity of females at the office/shop you are
going to, consider shortening your skirt.  It's a very effective
sales tool.

> About the credit card machine-- my mom closed her business, but she's kept
> the machine.  So she says she could transfer it to my business.

Don't be discouraged, just don't do any work for family or friends!
(If they don't pay, or think you did a lousy job, feeling could
get hurt, and it would make for a very unhappy Thanksgiving, etc.

Ron Johnson, Jr. ron.l.johnson@cox.net
Jefferson, LA USA

"...always eager to extend a friendly claw"

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