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Re: Periodic sluggishness in games

On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 22:39, Joel Konkle-Parker wrote:
> As a test, I closed all open apps, turned off apache and mysqld, and 
> start up a round of Unreal Tournament. The problem continued, with 
> alternating periods of normal speed and slow speed, with the periods of 
> normal speed getting shorter as time went on.
> The only syslog entries during this time period were:
> --
> Nov 11 23:26:38 Moe gnome-name-server[6073]: server_is_alive: 
> cnx[IDL:GNOME/Terminal/TerminalFactory:1.0] = (nil)
> Nov 11 23:26:38 Moe gnome-name-server[6074]: server_is_alive: 
> cnx[IDL:GNOME/Terminal/TerminalFactory:1.0] = 0x80561c0
> Nov 11 23:26:40 Moe gnome-name-server[6081]: server_is_alive: 
> cnx[IDL:GNOME/Terminal/TerminalFactory:1.0] = (nil)
> Nov 11 23:26:40 Moe gnome-name-server[6082]: server_is_alive: 
> cnx[IDL:GNOME/Terminal/TerminalFactory:1.0] = 0x8056630
> Nov 11 23:27:14 Moe gconfd (joeljkp-5739): GConf server is not in use, 
> shutting down.
> Nov 11 23:27:14 Moe gconfd (joeljkp-5739): Exiting
> Nov 11 23:34:45 Moe gnome-name-server[6162]: server_is_alive: 
> cnx[IDL:GNOME/Terminal/TerminalFactory:1.0] = (nil)
> Nov 11 23:34:45 Moe gnome-name-server[6163]: server_is_alive: 
> cnx[IDL:GNOME/Terminal/TerminalFactory:1.0] = 0x80561c0
> --
> Any idea what these are, and if they could cause something like this?
> Or there some other problem here?

When in the game does it happen? I don't recall having any problems with
Max Payne, but I know that UT used to be rather slow at the beginning of
each new level for the first few minutes. Then it would miraculously
clear up and cause no problems.

The only other thing that I could think of, as previously mentioned, is
that it's some cron job that keeps running. I'd try logging into just a
bare X session with nothing but an xterm window running and then doing a
ps -A and killing off anything that you don't really need running at the
time. Start up the game(s) and see if the problem clears up. If not, it
might be something with your video drivers.

Actually, and I just thought of this, check your sound setup. What type
of sound card do you have, are you using ALSA or OSS, etc? I remember
Quake III had some serious issues with certain types of sound setups and
serious slowdown in the game.
Alex Malinovich
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