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got my woody working, wanted to upgrade, already ruined my system

so hi, its me the debian noob again, already breaking my oath to not bug you folks too much with my issues, but oh well, i'd appreciate some help anyways.

they said that the stable debian might be a little outdated and i didnt listen. but they were right! it installed well, it was stable, but it was outdated. and me, being the kind of guy that will spend the extra $10,000 for a car that is brand spankin new, wanted to upgrade everything. so i installed kde 3.1 off of the kde mirror, tried to get superkaramba installed, i went absolutely nuts, starting uninstalling stuff, installing new stuff, trying to upgrade stuff like mad, i became lost in something that wasnt rpm hell, it was more like "i have too much power with my software now and i dont know how to control myself" or "with great power comes great responsibility but i learn everything the hard way" hell. i completely lost kde and couldnt get it back on, as far as i can tell everything else works, i'm sure if i kept trying i could figure out how to get it back on, but what i really want is a more up to date system, so i started looking at the testing release sarge.

i downloaded two iso's for the testing net install, the isos on this page http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/netinst/i386/, and the netinst one wouldnt even boot, the businesscard one said it needed some modules for my ethernet card not provided on the disc or something.

so my question is this: i want to download & install the testing cd set, install it over my stable install, i'm not running a server or anything just my desktop computer, am i likely to have stability or hardware detection issues with the testing release?

would it be smarter to just go with the stable release and do an "apt-get -t testing -u dist-upgrade" once i've specified a testing mirror? or should i simply go with the stable release and learn to be happy with that?

thanx for your help folks, i totally appreciate any help you can give me on this


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