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Re: got my woody working, wanted to upgrade, already ruined my system

I think as you say all you have to do, or at least that's how i did it a few times is, update your sources list and point to testing aswell,
apt-get update,
apt-get dist-upgrade.
Seems a whole lot better than downloading 2 iso's again.

Stable is very stable...i'm learning to live with it now since last week's mess i had with SID. Stable for my DVR/imap/samba sever, SID/winXP on the desktop beast...so if SID goes bonkers on me i just go back to winXP for a few days and then run an apt update which usually fixes SID :) Testing, well....that's sorta like grandma, everyone loves her but no one wants her in their house permanently.. So for me from now on, stable and only get backports of stuff if i really really need..


David Millet wrote:
would it be smarter to just go with the stable release and do an "apt-get -t testing -u dist-upgrade" once i've specified a testing mirror? or should i simply go with the stable release and learn to be happy with that?

thanx for your help folks, i totally appreciate any help you can give me on this


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