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Re: heres my noob install questions, smart people please help

David Millet said on Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 05:25:24PM -0700:
> 1) are these instructions 
> http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/install the best for a noob 
> like me or are there some better ones out there somewhere?

They are probably best.

> 2) i have 2 harddrives, hda and hdb, hda has win2000 on it, its divided 
> into 3 fat32 partitions, hdb has an old install of mandrake on it, i 
> want to put debian on hdb, is the filesystem manager on the install cds 
> comprehensible enough to where i'll be able to format the partitions on 
> hdb without messing up hda? all my important data is on hda, so if 
> something happens to hda i'm screwed

Then, if I were you, I would back up hda before doing anything.  Mistakes can
happen.  That being said, you shouldn't have any trouble installing onto hdb; I
have done it before.

> 3) i see that lilo is the default bootloader, i know that if i put the 
> windows lines in lilo.conf and i run /sbin/lilo it should let me choose 
> between booting into windows or linux when i restart, are there any 
> hangups or problems i need to look out for?  i have some experience 
> editing the lilo.conf file with good success in mandrake...

Nothing that I'm aware of; it's always worked well for me.  You no longer need
to make the 10MB /boot partition.

> 4) once i get debian up and running, i want to set it up to where the 
> second partition on hda, my win2000 fat32 drive, is mounted as my home 
> directory as a user. in other words, i want one of my fat32 partitions 
> mounted at /home/david/ after i create the david user account. can that 
> be done?
Yes, but I wouldn't recommend it.  The FAT filesystem semantics aren't the same
as Unix, and it's not a very good filesystem anyway.  I would leave your Unix
homedir on a Unix filesystem, and mount the fat32 partition somewhere else.

If, however, you wanted to do this, you could by putting 

/dev/hda2	/home/david		vfat	defaults 0 0

in your /etc/fstab.

> thanx in advance for the help.  i'm really excited about debian.

Good luck.


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