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Re: POP3 mail fetcher that supports unreliable connections?

> Why did you write getmail? Why not just use fetchmail?
>    I  do  not  like  some  of  the  design  choices  which were made with
>    fetchmail.  getmail  does  things  a  little  differently,  and for my
>    purposes,  better.  In  addition,  most  people find getmail easier to
>    configure  and  use  than fetchmail. Perhaps most importantly, getmail
>    goes  to  great  lengths  to  ensure  that  mail  is never lost, while
>    fetchmail (in its default configuration) frequently loses mail, causes
>    mail  loops,  bounces  legitimate  messages,  and  causes  many  other
>    problems.

I give honorable mention to animail, which is what I use. Easier to configure than fetchmail, but it's killer feature is the ability to delete mail on the server without downloading it. That's how I killed about 300 copies of day of the Swen virus when it was rampaging through the Internet.


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