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Installing/Configuring SpamAssassin and ClamAV

Hey all,

   My mail server seems stable, so in an effort to confuse things even
more (er, I mean to have a secure system!) - I want to check out
SpamAssassin and an Anti-Virus tool.

   I've used SpamAssassin in a stand-alone mode, filtering my KMail. I've
never used it on a mail server. Right now I am running sendmail, ipopd
and cyrus. I'm also running SquirrelMail from testing for a web

   Do I need to install Procmail? My thought is that Procmail,
SpamAssassin and ClamAV would need to be added. Is there a how-to on
this? Also, ClamAV only covers some 9900 virus. Are there other
packages that are simple to install and use that cover a larger base
and are simple to use?

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