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Re: POP3 mail fetcher that supports unreliable connections?

On Sun, 2003-11-02 at 16:36, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> Is there a POP3 mail fetcher that wouldn't download messages twice
> when the POP3 connection may sometimes stall (so that the messages
> couldn't be deleted from the server)?
> If there is such a fetcher written in Perl based on Mail::POP3Client,
> this would be a good solution.

Have you tried fetchmail?  The messages in /var/log/mail.log seem
to indicate that it deletes each mail after a successful fetch.

Ron Johnson, Jr. ron.l.johnson@cox.net
Jefferson, LA USA

After listening to many White House, Pentagon & CENTCOM briefings
in both Gulf Wars, it is my firm belief that most "senior
correspondents" either have serious agendas that don't get shaken
by facts, or are dumb as dog feces.

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