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Re: winmodem (was "X Windos System will not start")

On Sunday 02 November 2003 12:38, Hoyt Bailey wrote:
> From: "Richard Lyons" <richard@the-place.net>
> > On Saturday 01 November 2003 04:43, Kent West wrote:
> > > Chances are you have a so-called "soft-modem" (aka "winmodem"). You
> > > _might_ get it working, but it'd be a whole lote easier to just put a
> > > real modem on one of your serial ports.
> >
> > I second that.  At home, I have adsl, but when abroad I have to use ppp,
> > and I
> > cannot get the linmodem in my secondhand IBM thinkpad to work (there are
> > drivers around, but not compiled for my kernel).  So I picked up a
> > secondhand
> > Diamond memory faxmodem for 20 euros, plugged it in and it Just Worked.
> My modem is an Intel536EP PCI 56K V92. It works fine
> and while I dont use the V92 to its limits it is there if I should want to
> make use of the options.
I am sure the modem in my laptop also works fine and it is a bore to have to 
carry around another box.  Seems an inefficient way to go, and I sympathise 
with your instinct to try to get your inbuilt modem working.  _But_, time is 
precious, and while there is no precompiled solution to using the onboard 
modem, I judge it greater value to be able to just plug in the old, reliable 
Diamond modem and not have to do anything special.  So I'd still recommend 
the external serial modem route.  It's down to you, YPYMAYTYC. (You pays your 
money and you takes your choice).


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