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Re: Fw: X Windos System will not start

On Saturday 01 November 2003 04:43, Kent West wrote:
> Hoyt Bailey wrote:
> >Ok Sold.  I'm game but I need to get stable "stable" enough to get PPP
> >working.

I wouldn't worry about the stability of "unstable" - I am a complete newcomer 
to Debian and my mosty-unstable system is far more stable than any windoze I 
ever ran.

> Chances are you have a so-called "soft-modem" (aka "winmodem"). You
> _might_ get it working, but it'd be a whole lote easier to just put a
> real modem on one of your serial ports.

I second that.  At home, I have adsl, but when abroad I have to use ppp, and I 
cannot get the linmodem in my secondhand IBM thinkpad to work (there are 
drivers around, but not compiled for my kernel).  So I picked up a secondhand 
Diamond memory faxmodem for 20 euros, plugged it in and it Just Worked.  
People seem to be getting rid of the old reliable serial modems and buying 
fancy rounded miniature USB boxes instead, so they don't cost too much.


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