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Re: Fw: X Windos System will not start

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From: "Richard Lyons" <richard@the-place.net>
To: <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2003 03:32
Subject: Re: Fw: X Windos System will not start

> On Saturday 01 November 2003 04:43, Kent West wrote:
> > Hoyt Bailey wrote:
> > >Ok Sold.  I'm game but I need to get stable "stable" enough to get PPP
> > >working.
> I wouldn't worry about the stability of "unstable" - I am a complete
> to Debian and my mosty-unstable system is far more stable than any windoze
> ever ran.
> >
> > Chances are you have a so-called "soft-modem" (aka "winmodem"). You
> > _might_ get it working, but it'd be a whole lote easier to just put a
> > real modem on one of your serial ports.
> I second that.  At home, I have adsl, but when abroad I have to use ppp,
and I
> cannot get the linmodem in my secondhand IBM thinkpad to work (there are
> drivers around, but not compiled for my kernel).  So I picked up a
> Diamond memory faxmodem for 20 euros, plugged it in and it Just Worked.
> People seem to be getting rid of the old reliable serial modems and buying
> fancy rounded miniature USB boxes instead, so they don't cost too much.
> -- 
> richard
What is a winmodem?  My modem is an Intel536EP PCI 56K V92. It works fine
and while I dont use the V92 to its limits it is there if I should want to
make use of the options.

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