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Re: Problems building Gaim

On Sat, Nov 01, 2003, at 19:17 -0800, Rodney D. Myers wrote: 


> > I am also very new to Debian, but I'm not sure I understand why you
> > didn't do it this way:
> > 
> > apt-get update
> > apt-get install gaim
> One reason. The debian maintainer has a weird numbering scheme. Gaim
> is at 0.7.1, not 1:0.6.4.

The version in testing is 0.6.4. Currently, gaim is at 0.7.2 and Robert
McQueen just uploaded it to unstable today/yesterday.

You can still obtain gaim in the testing distribution, it's just an
older version. You might also be able to find a backport someplace.

> Best to grab from source.
> And I grabbed source directly from gaim.soureforge.com. I by passed
> aptitude all together.
> I them used checkinstall to created a deb file once I compiled it.

There's no real need to do that, unless you want it managed by dpkg

If you compile gaim, you can just place it in /usr/local (which is done
by default) and run 'make uninstall' from the source tree when you want
to uninstall it. 

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