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Re: Adding scsi devices ???

  > >   > Last night, he added a SCSI cdrom and tape drive to the system.  He
  > >   > insists that the AIC-7980 controller lists the devices during post.
  > >                                                            ^^^^^^^^^^^
  > >=20
  > > What does the underlined expression mean? Are there some messages
  > > indicating that the devices are recognised? Where from? Do the devices
  > > work? What is the exact problem?
  > Power On Self Test, ie. the SCSI card's BIOS is initialising and
  > listing the devices on the bus during the "bit before the OS boots".

I see. That would indicate the hardware basically works, I guess.

  > Try modprobe aic7xxx - if it's there, it'll load it...

But you still wouldn't know whether the driver is compiled into the
kernel or not (though this might be rather rare) -- although: see

  > > Or does anyone know how to get the .config files for the stock
  > > kernels?
  > Don't they end up in /boot?

Yes indeed, I just discovered that shortly after writing this (and it
is indeed a good idea). I suppose having a glimpse into the file
should solve the question.


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