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phonetic symbols

First of all thanks to kmark+debian@pipeline.com for his comments. I have 
OpenOffice 1.1.0; it is probably the latest version.I am not sure whether I 
understand what you mena by "They use the space bar and not the tab". In 
Windows I had everything in just one file; I converted it to Linux; then I 
copied big chunks of it and pasted it in the 8 files; suppose that "because" 
is in the middle of a line and the next word "there ..."  is not in the same 
line but at the beginning of the following line; if I try to put  "there ..." 
behind "because" to eliminate the blank space, I put the cursor after 
"because" and I press Supr, then I save, close and open; the text has 
disappeared. I was told by my friend that converting files from Linux to 
Windows would be much worse; I am ready to believe it because big fish don't 
have to worry about small fish but small fish have to worry about big fish. I 
bet that OpenOffice is wonderful as far as conversion is concerned but there 
is something lacking. Well, the text is very long indeed: 960 pages in size 
8, probably over 1500 pages in size 12; we are a group of more than twenty 
Englisg-speaking teachers working in Spain and assisting a Spanish professor 
of English who has dedicated over 30 years to writing what is considered at 
the moment the best book in Spanish to learn English; that book was published 
only a few weeks ago with the title "Guía para los amantes del inglés"; it 
has 960 pages in size 14.8 x 21 with letters in size 8, which is small but 
not as small s some dictionaries of English, for example; it costs 15 euros, 
which is very little in Spain; it offers 30 000 euros to any person who 
presents another book in Spanish or any other language in the world that is 
better and cheaper; the only language that is excluded is English because it 
has to be in two languages: English and Spanish or whatever. On top of that 
people who buy or have access to the book can ask as many questions as they 
wish for 3 years without paying any money. If you are interested, go to 
We are not businessmen; we are altruists and passionate about English and 
Spanish; therefore I would interested in reading about what other people may 
comment or do  concerning your wonderful suggestion.
Secondly thanks to Hoyt Bailey <hoyt13@wiredok.com> for his comments. Can it 
help me? I use Debian knoppix.
Thirdly thanks to Richard Lyons <richard@the-place.net> for his comments.
Actually this version of Openoffice calls TeX the tippa fonts I downloaded; I 
had said that they were called LatEx but I suppose that they are all the 
Finally I must say that another positive thing about Linux is that I am 
learning much more about computers than I ever learned with Windows. 

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