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Re: dpkg needing to allocate 700MB of memory?

Rob Weir <rweir@ertius.org> writes:

>On Tue, Oct 28, 2003 at 09:14:52PM -0300, Cristian Gutierrez said
>>I even tried downloading 1.10.18 (.17 was on my system, an unstable
>>one, BTW), unpacking it and installing it "by hand", but the result
>>was the same. Yeah, nasty thing to do.. but I'm freaking out, you
>>know? ;-)
>That said, if you reinstalled dpkg and it's still messed up, it's
>unlikely to be a problem with dpkg itself.  If you can get debsums
>installed, maybe do a check of all the packages on your system?  If
>libc6 or such gets broken, you'll get lots of weird problems.

Thanks a lot; as I stated in another message in this thread, it was my
corrupted *ext3* /var partition that caused the problem (due to power
outage). File sizes got very funny...

Yeah, I messed up glibc on a Mandrake system, now its days are counted
before reinstalling (messing with rpm at the same time doesn't help
either... only accelerates putrefaction!) :o)


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