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Re: Simple little basic config questions

I have more elementary configuration questions arising from my
transition from RedHat to debian. Sorry to be a pest.

I think this may be is a debian question because user can start the
FileRunner file manager, but not root. When root tries, it gets the

  Application can't initialize because it lacks display name and no
  $DISPLAY environment variable. 

  Error stgartup script: can't read "tk_patchLevel": No such variable
  while executing.

How do I interpret these? In fact, if I try # echo $DISPLAY, nothing
is returned, which means the root account is not configured properly,
I'd guess. It would make sense to define the value of DISPLAY
globally, I should think. If so, how does one do that?

The second part of the error statement would seem to be a script
error, where the value of tk_patchLevel is never defined, but since
user can run the application OK, I assume the problem is deeper than
that. Could it be the missing DISPLAY?

Haines Brown 



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