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Re: Simple little basic config questions

> one of the 'freedoms' of debian is that runlevel 2 to 5 are the same. 2 is
> the default runlevel. RH and others have seperate runlevels. Its something
> that confused me and there are some people out there like me who like the
> RH runlevel scheme but havent changed prevailing minds. Oh well!


Yes, my sense has been that in principle one designs a set of
alternative run levels 3-5, leaving runlevel 2 in its default state,
and than for whatever reason, you switch runlevels to get a different
setup. I suspect that this involves a command such as # init 5, but
I've never tried it. 

Does that init command simply change the default runlevel? It seems
that default is set in /etc/inittab, where it has: id:5:initdefault:
. I assume you can also simply edit this line to change the default
runlevel when you boot up. 


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