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Re: Courier configuration

thank you and sorry. I try to play with courier at my desktop
and I use exim as default. Thus I cyclicly reinstall smtp
packages and it takes time.

By now, I am able to send email from my desktop through courier,
but I do receive messages neither by SMTP nor by IMAP to localhost
nor IMAP to remote site.

Error message by fetchmail to localhost:
Enter password for mehere@localhost:
fetchmail: mailbox selection failed
fetchmail: socket error while fetching from localhost
fetchmail: Query status=2 (SOCKET)

Error message by fetchmail to remote site:
Enter password for user@remote.com: 
1 message for user at remote.com
reading message user@remote.com:1 of 1 ((706 header octets) fetchmail:
SMTP error: 513 Syntax error.
fetchmail: mail from FETCHMAIL-DAEMON@my.desktop.com bounced to
fetchmail: can't even send to mehere!

Below are two lines from my /var/log/mail/mail.err
Oct 22 19:03:47 localcompname courieresmtpd:
513 Syntax error.

Oct 25 17:15:28 localcompname courieresmtpd:
513 Syntax error.


I have Maildir with INBOX present at my home directory and they are
writable for me. The things work under exim usage. I use Debian/unstable.
Thank you for any help.

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