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RE : Courier configuration


If you are using Debian unstable , you're using Exim4 i suppose....
You want to fetch some mail from your isp mailbox and deliver it on your
private network...
Firstable you have to configure correctly Exim or it won't work ...
I use Exim4-daemon-heavy + fetchmail + courier-imap-ssl + procmail +
You have to configure Procmail for local delivering (maildir or mbox...)
or you won't receive mail in your mailbox
Maybe you didn't configure procmail correctly i guess

Have a look here:

For me i didn't make a lot of configuration, just answering the debconf
questions used vi not more than 2 times...

Goo luck ;-)


P.S: my configuration for Fetchmail:

I use a global configuration= i don't use .fetchmailrc in /home/user/

I create a non-root user for fetching the mail like : fetchmail with
nogoup for the user group and /var/run/fetchmail for its home directory

Then change the owner of the file /etc/fetchmailrc to fetchmail:nogroup
Chmod 600 /etc/fetchmail
Change owner of /var/run/fetchmail to fetchmail:nogroup
Chmod 700 /var/run/fetchmail

In /etc/default/fetchmail   SERVICE=true
OPTIONS="--daemon 300 --syslog"

Then in /etc/fetchmailrc:

#begin of fetchmailrc
set postmaster "postmaster"
set nobouncemail
set no spambounce
set properties ""
poll imap.foo.xx with proto IMAP
      user 'foo1' there with password 'XXXXXXX' is 'foo' here options
poll pop.foo.xx with proto POP3
      user 'foo2' there with password 'XXXXXXX' is 'foo' here options

#end of fetchmailrc

Rem :"keep" option is important during the test phase if you don't want
loosing mail

This example is for 1 maildir ans multi account
You can put all the params for all the users of your computer

-----Message d'origine-----
De : Martin Saturka [mailto:msat6526@kolej.mff.cuni.cz]
Envoyé : samedi 25 octobre 2003 17:36
À : Shane Hickey
Cc : debian-user@lists.debian.org
Objet : Re: Courier configuration

thank you and sorry. I try to play with courier at my desktop and I use
exim as default. Thus I cyclicly reinstall smtp packages and it takes

By now, I am able to send email from my desktop through courier, but I
do receive messages neither by SMTP nor by IMAP to localhost nor IMAP to
remote site.

Error message by fetchmail to localhost:
Enter password for mehere@localhost:
fetchmail: mailbox selection failed
fetchmail: socket error while fetching from localhost
fetchmail: Query status=2 (SOCKET)

Error message by fetchmail to remote site:
Enter password for user@remote.com:
1 message for user at remote.com
reading message user@remote.com:1 of 1 ((706 header octets) fetchmail:
SMTP error: 513 Syntax error.
fetchmail: mail from FETCHMAIL-DAEMON@my.desktop.com bounced to
fetchmail: can't even send to mehere!

Below are two lines from my /var/log/mail/mail.err
Oct 22 19:03:47 localcompname courieresmtpd:
513 Syntax error.

Oct 25 17:15:28 localcompname courieresmtpd:
513 Syntax error.


I have Maildir with INBOX present at my home directory and they are
writable for me. The things work under exim usage. I use
Debian/unstable. Thank you for any help. Martin

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